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Welcome and thanks so much for visiting me here.
Enjoy my site, and I'll see you at a concert before long!

I hope you're well and coping with the COVID crisis.
Barbara Fasano and I are sending the music 
out from home:  GO HERE for #72andsong

These are tough days for many of us ...
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"Balance lies at the heart of the most effective jazz-leaning cabaret acts.  Insuring the right amount of overt charm, reverence for the past, instrumental bravura, and in-the-moment connection with an audience is an art carefully perfected with experience.  The pianist and singer Comstock has the goods, and, in tandem with the superb bassist Smith, he will offer expert musicianship and joie de vivre in equal measure." ~ Steve Futterman
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"Suave, smart, funny and utterly delightful
 . . . an ingenious musical wit . . .

A connoisseur's connoisseur of pop music esoterica, Mr. Comstock is the truest heir to the much-missed Bobby Short: a dispenser of cabaret
caviar . . .
Meet the new fun couple on the cabaret block.  Mr. Comstock and Ms. Fasano are turning the neighborhood into a hotbed of pleasure."  ~  Stephen Holden